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With a passion for woodwork and an eye for detail, I started The Axe and Adze to offer homeowners unique options for furnishing their homes. Appealing to customers who want something more than the 'off the shelf' look, my business offers 100% custom woodwork and one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture and home décor. All Axe and Adze products are made with sustainable and locally sourced wood. Whether it be wood reclaimed from a century old barn, or a tree rescued from being chipped, I strive to have an ethical story behind all my products. 

I work closely with customers through the design phase of their furniture to ensure that they receive exactly what they envisioned for their unique space. I personally create the design and craft the piece specifically for each client. Apart from a few items that are on display in my showroom, all pieces are one of a kind and custom made for each client.

Since inception in 2014, I have created many different custom pieces for customers all over the province, ranging from barn doors to dining room tables and everything in between. I invite you to look around at past projects and available products on the website, or make an appointment to stop by my showroom to get a first person look at my work.

Lucas Godkin


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