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Nostalgic Wood

The Axe and Adze works closely with a like-minded associate in the wood Industry, Nostalgic Wood. They provide raw materials and kiln drying services, as well as many other products. Here is a message from Nostalgic Wood:

At Nostalgic Wood we aim to provide products that will always have a sense of individuality that cannot be mass produced. We re-mill reclaimed timber to create wide plank wood flooring that is seasoned with history, and whispers tales of old growth forests. The exquisite colours and character of old growth lumber will bring charm to your home while preserving the trees still standing in our forests today.  Wood used for our products is carefully procured from sources that fall into our “3R’s” of sustainability: Reclaimed, Recovered, and Rescued.


Characteristics specific to reclaimed antique wood flooring are kerf-saw marks, aged knots, checks, nail holes and markings from past hardware.  All of these features are further accentuated with rich colours, shaded edges and track marks created from burrowing insects attracted to the types of wood. These distinctive characteristics are the very things that provide the charm and uniqueness of Nostalgic Wood flooring. They will always bring a sense of individuality to your home and will extend the life of the old barns and logs in their new form for generations to enjoy.


Offering a wide selection of architectural accents, Nostalgic Wood provides many ways to enrich your home with history. Whether it be reclaimed wood for your staircase, a hand hewn timber for a mantle, grey or brown barn board planks for accent walls, the result will complement your décor with a warm and inviting element that will become a topic of conversation.

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