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Let the past come alive with our custom reclaimed wood products. All reclaimed products made by The Axe and Adze are crafted from 100% reclaimed and individually unique wood. Reclaimed wood displays a character of beauty and rustic charm unmatched by any artificial means. Currently the wood that is used to produce our products is from a reclaimed barn built in 1905 in Huron County, Ontario. 


For a very interesting piece of history, an item can be made using wood that has been recovered from the bottom of lakes and rivers or from old harbour wharfs.

From the 1850s and to the early 1900s original old growth forests were harvested and the logs sent down the lakes and rivers to the mills for processing. Approximately 2-3% of the logs were ‘sinkers’ and lost.  The cold and relatively oxygen-free waters have perfectly preserved these timbers.  


Beautiful wood does not need to come from harvested forests.  There are many trees that been designated for removal due to safety risk, damage, disease, or construction. These rescued woods are quite often lone trees with distinctive growth patterns that form internal characteristics that produce exceptional slabs and planks. Let me craft a unique piece into a exclusive piece for the special accent item in your home.

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All Videos


Don't see something you like within our available products? Customize your own to fit your personal style. Send us an email with what you have in mind and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Shop online and browse all of our amazing products. In stock products are available for pick up at our showroom or order online. Showroom is located at 43382 Hullett-McKillop Road Walton Ontario. Appointment recommended 

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