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How I got Started

My love for woodworking was inspired by a project of reclaiming wood from my grandfather’s barn. After the barn was damaged in a tornado, it was decided it had to come down instead of being repaired. This gave my parents the opportunity to completely build and furnish the basement of my family home all with reclaimed wood from my grandfather’s barn. in 2012 the barn came down the process began. Out of the wood from Grandpa’s barn, I created pieces such as tables, sliding doors, and shelves all to go in the basement. I enjoyed the process of creating these pieces so much that the Axe and Adze was born in 2014.

Since then I have created many different custom pieces for customers all over the province. My focus is on using woods that are sustainable and form local sources. With reclaimed wood, there is an opportunity to use wood from known barns where there may be some history or a story behind the barn.

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