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The Axe and Adze Showroom

To be opening late summer 2018

Original reclaimed barn timber frame built in the 1890’s

The structure my showroom is going to be in is a reclaimed barn timber frame originally built in the 1890’s. The barn stood for over 120 years on a farm near Paisley Ontario before it was deconstructed in 2017 and then resurrected on my family farm in 2018. The barn was rebuilt by local Mennonites using all the original mortise and tenons and dowel joinery. This barn is unique due to its 4-corner horse drawn wagon life and 53’ clear span center bent.

The old barn frame will now be the main structure of The Axe and Adze and Nostalgic Wood’s showrooms, warehouse, office space and retail front. Updated with all the modern amenities, the 120 year old frame will live on and be appreciated for many more years in its new home.

First open house where all are invited will be August 2018. Further details to come.

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